VOL- 6 ISSUE 4, (Oct-Dec 2016)
S.No. Research Topic Paper ID
01 Multi-criteria Based Evaluation and Prioritization of Telecom Service Provider Selection Attributes of Indian Consumers
Dr. Ranjit Roy Ghatak
02 Efforts to Achieve Beyond Sugar in Indonesia
Ahmad Zafrullah Tayibnapis, Lucia Endang Wuryaningsih, Made SitiSundari
03 An Evaluation of Investors Grievances and Redressal Mechanism in Indian Capital Market
Ch. Balaji, Dr. Praveen Kumar
04 Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Thinking and Behavior
Kritika Malhotra
05 Store Quality, Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Study on Retail Formats in India
Dr. Pankaj Kumar
06 A Comparative Study of Public and Private Life Insurance Companies in Post Liberalization Era
Dr Vikas Gairola
07 The Impact of the Supply Chain Managment on the Quality of the Products in the Nabil Company for Food Industry
Dr Atef Saleh Aladwan