The ultimate purpose of peer review is to sustain the originality and quality of research work by out filtration of plagiarized and poor quality research articles. Peer review assures research quality

IJMBS Paper Publication Process – 

  • The researcher writes a research paper and submits it to the editor of a journal.
  • The Editor gives it to the reviewers.
  • Reviewers review the article and quality of research, review by 1-2 experts in the field.
  • The article is returned to the editor along with a recommendation to whether reject the article, revise it or accept it.
  • The article is returned to the researcher along with the reviewer’s feedback and any requests for revision. He /She will have to revise the article and resubmit it.
  • The editor receives the revised / updated article and send it to Publication department if it fulfill all the mentioned necessary updations.